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Jean d’Arcel Dermal Tonic Spray


Gentle tonic spray with Aloe Vera

This amazing tonic spray is enriched with aloe vera gel, calcium and contains a high percentage of soothing D-panthenol. The skin is immediately boosted with moisture while it alleviates irritated and inflamed skin significantly reducing redness.

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A gentle but effective tonic spray that is ideal for sensitive skin. Infused with Aloe vera and D-panthenol it effectively soothes irritated and inflamed skin that is prone to redness. The combination of active ingredients supports the healing process and promotes the cell renewal while it increases the skin’s resilience.

Suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive.

Application tips

1. Cleanse the skin with the Dermal oil cleanser.

2. Spray the Tonic spray on a cotton pad to apply on the skin. This will restore the PH level.

3. For irritated or inflammed skin it is recommended to spray directly on the face and allow it to be absorbed.


• Ideal for sensitive skin or post medical treatments.

• Instantly calms the skin from irritation and redness.

• It supports the wound healing process and increases the skin’s resilience.

• Can be used directly on the skin during the day to refresh and add some moisture to the skin.

• Sugar beet extract derived from beet sugar works as an anti-irritant and protects the skin from environmental stress.

Product size

• 200ml


Free from: Parabens, Alcohol.


Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Sugar Beet Extract, Calcium PCA and D-Panthenol.

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